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Oil Dispenser | Oil Spout | Brass or Stainless | Reusable

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Each oil spout is handcrafted in our shop from solid brass or stainless steel and individually fit to your choice of bottle to make a personalized, reusable oil dispenser. A counter-weighted pivoting flap covers the pouring tip when not in use to protect liquids from air. This item is ideal for people who desire high quality kitchen/dining products for themselves or to gift to others.

The story of our “original” oil spout:

Years ago, Marion and I bought a lovely oil bottle from a Canadian potter who also sells his products on Etsy. I tried to find a luxurious spout to match the quality of the bottle, but ultimately decided to design and fabricate one of my own. Using my small metal lathe, a supply of brass bar stock, pipe and tubing, and some trial and error, I ended up with a spout that I felt was good enough to give to Marion as a Christmas present. The spout has a solid feel, can stand upright on the sink edge while refilling the bottle, and has an easy-to-grasp knurled section that makes it simple to install and remove the spout without getting your fingers too oily. We were so happy with the result that we have given many of these spouts to friends and family as presents, improving the design with each new version. Now, we are making these spouts available on Etsy while still making them in small batches from solid materials in our workshop in London. They are truly unique and are an heirloom-quality gift for anyone who loves cooking or entertaining.

Item Details:

– Primarily designed for use with oils

– Counter-weighted pivoting flap covers pouring tip when not in use to protect liquids from air

– A breathing tube ensures a smooth flow of liquid

– Spout diameter = 9 mm

– Spout height above bottle = 61 mm

– Available in solid brass or stainless steel to meet function and decor needs

– O-rings ensure a snug fit in the bottle and prevent leaks


Spouts should be cleaned with mild soap, rinsed and dried. Do not place spouts in dishwasher as damage may occur to the finish or the o-rings.

Bottle Options:

A variety of bottles are sold separately in our shop to accompany the handcrafted spouts used for dispensing liquids. It is highly recommended that a bottle is purchased from our shop to accompany your spout so that we can ensure that the fit is correct.

If you would like to purchase a spout to be “custom fit” to your own bottle or have other customization requests, please send details to us at sherwoodculinaryart [!at] and we will get in touch with you.

Spouts purchased with bottles may be returned within 30 days. Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

Customers will receive a 50% refund on each bottle purchased with an oil, vinegar, syrup or dish soap spout from our shop. The refund will be applied by the seller after purchase.

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4 reviews for Oil Dispenser | Oil Spout | Brass or Stainless | Reusable

  1. Marc Hirsch

    As always this stuff is the best.

  2. David Jez

    Great quality. Love it!

  3. lynne ferreira

    Such gorgeous spigots and bottles! We have the soap and oil ones. The best part was the customer service! My husband broke one of the first bottles on arrival and the discounted the replacement. When that showed up broken they quickly sent another. Beautiful products and we highly recommend!!!

  4. Sign in with Apple user

    These products are great quality!

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