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Shio Kosho Salt and Pepper Shakers – Gloss Black and White

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Shio/ Kosho shakers are designed and made in Los Angeles. Our salt and pepper shakers are the perfect amount of cuteness and style for your kitchen or dinning table.

Shio /Kosho shakers stand 3 ¾” tall and holds 7 liquid oz and are dishwasher safe.

This product uses a high quality, food grade rubber stoppers.

****Want us to ship to your country? Just ask! ****

**Mix and match/custom color sets available upon request.

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5 reviews for Shio Kosho Salt and Pepper Shakers – Gloss Black and White

  1. Brenda Scarlett

    All my food products use lead free non toxic glazes certified under the Federal EPA and California environmental protection agency.

  2. Anonymous

    Wonderful! Thank you!

  3. Brianna Pennell

    It is a good set of shakers. Not sure if the price fits the handmade qualities of it personally due to some of the oddities of the glaze work I noticed as not from the curing but the application. The novelty was a plus however as the inner material is what will hold up to the oxidative nature of salt.

  4. Christine

    These are amazing!!! Exactly as described and the most adorable things ever!! They’re very high quality, you can tell by the weight and feel, and are quite sturdy for something made of ceramic. The holes at the top allow for the purrfect flow of my ground salt and pepper! I LOVE them!!!

  5. Sherry1967

    Very good quality ceramic and the cats are beautifully made. Happy with my purchase!

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