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Personalized Rosewood chopsticks with leather pouch. Japanese chopsticks, Chopstick pouch, Wedding favor chopsticks, Engraved Chopsticks.

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Personalized Rosewood chopsticks with leather pouch is a unique gift idea for Dad, Mom, Everyone in the holidays, or Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas.

When you purchase you will receive 1 pair of personalized chopsticks and 1 Pouch of leather

1. Material

– Chopsticks are handmade by artisans in traditional craft villages. Chopsticks are made from precious woods such as Vietnamese Trac (Dalbergia cochinchinensis), Rosewood, and Ebony.

The upper end of the chopsticks can be sea shells, Resin Epoxy resin has beautiful patterns.

– Chopsticks length: 25cm (10in) Overall Pouch leather 27cm x 4cm

– Pouch is handmade from synthetic leather, or cowhide, There are 3 colors for you to choose.

2. The use and maintenance of chopsticks.

– Do not wash chopsticks in the dishwasher.

– The first time I wash it 2 times, the water is slightly pink (this is wood plastic, does not affect anything)

– You absolutely do not boil or steam chopsticks at high temperatures, doing so will deform the chopstick body or release the glue at the tip of the chopsticks.

– Avoid direct sunlight, wash and store in a dry place.

Attention: chopsticks are made of natural wood, so the color may vary according to the grain of the wood, maybe when you receive the chopsticks, the color will be slightly different from the product image, but the quality remains the same.

3. Personalize the product.

– Please provide the name you want to engrave on the chopsticks in the personalized request while ordering.

– We can print logos of companies, restaurants, and hotels on Pouch leather with quantities from 100 pouches or more. Please provide me with the logo or image you want to print.

* Any questions please contact and message me.

* Production and shipping time:

– We produce when there is an order from 1 to 3 days

– Shipping time to the US is from 15 to 30 days.

– Shipping time to Europe from 15 to 45 days to other similar countries.

– I use USPS shipping service to the US, and Royal Mail to the rest of the countries.

Refunds and Exchanges

* The following cases are non-refundable and non-exchangeable

– After placing the order 24 hours and during the delivery of the package, you cannot request a cancellation or refund.

* The following cases are exchanged and refunded

– Wrong design, wrong personalized name, broken or broken product.

– You take pictures of the product and send it to me and I check it and it’s my fault I will exchange it for you for another product.

* Please do not rush to give negative reviews when there is a problem with the product, please message me and I will have solutions and create a good customer service experience

4 reviews for Personalized Rosewood chopsticks with leather pouch. Japanese chopsticks, Chopstick pouch, Wedding favor chopsticks, Engraved Chopsticks.

  1. Olivia Sara Smolak

    The product was packed securely and came in perfect condition.

  2. shunitah hassan

    Very nice work. Fonts are not that great but overall good.

  3. Jordan Partridge

    It’s going to make a great gift

  4. sarahswarts8258

    Good quality absolutely love them.

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