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Personalized Mother-of-Pearl Tipped Engraved Chopsticks with Sleeve – Ideal for Wedding Favors and Couple Love Gifts

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Elevate your dining experience with our handcrafted North Vietnamese Rosewood Chopsticks featuring stunning Mother of Pearl inlay and a beautiful carrying pouch!

Material: High-quality, sustainably sourced North Vietnamese Rosewood with a vertical cut for exceptional durability.

Unique Design: Each pair is one-of-a-kind due to the natural variations in rosewood and mother of pearl.

Handmade Options: Choose between a sleek cotton canvas carrier (white-cream) or a luxurious, hand-knitted pouch (green, white, or brown) made with love by our talented artisans (approx. 70 minutes per pouch!).

Perfect Gift: Ideal for wedding, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or a thoughtful gesture for colleagues, bosses, and clients.

Size: Chopsticks: 9″ – 9.8″ (23-25 cm)

Customization: Elevate your gift with our premium laser engraving service. Engrave names, initials, or even Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters! Personalize each chopstick or choose the same design for both.

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4 reviews for Personalized Mother-of-Pearl Tipped Engraved Chopsticks with Sleeve – Ideal for Wedding Favors and Couple Love Gifts

  1. Kristen Page

    Beautiful Chopsticks engraved nicely, shipping took a while but I didn’t mind waiting for such a nice pair of chopsticks. The mother of pearl looks great. The recipient of this gift liked it as well

  2. Grady Boatwright

    Firstly the product was beautiful and well crafted and the seller was quite cordial in all correspondence. With that said the seller really needs to be more forth coming about shipping; I ordered these well over a month in advance for a gift and they were quite late. The reasoning for the shipping delays was quite reasonable and logical but should have been more forth coming about their shipping process upfront to better set expectations. Still a great product and in general would recommend

  3. caseycarter10

    Very high quality. Will most likely order more in the future.

  4. rowan

    Got a birthday present for my friend. It arrived after his birthday but that’s to be expected since it came all the way from Asia! Great quality engraving as well.

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