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miss salty *handmade magic salt shaker*

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If you want something to talk about, put out this salt shaker that looks a bit like a paper weight. Everyone will ask what it is and will love watching you demo it by simply shaking it over your dish. There are no tiny holes in this salt shaker, but a sort of funnel in the bottom.

This magical salt shaker was hand thrown out of a speckled clay that is full of visual and physical texture. Hand thrown and trimmed, Miss Mary Jane has been made with lots of love, each made with unique designs. After being bisque fired, she was glazed in a bright white glaze on the inside and the rim, leaving the speckled clay raw for the part of the exterior of the shaker.

Each item in my shop is made by hand with all of my attention, love and care. Making pottery has many stages that take a lot of time and caution. First, I either throw the item on my wheel or I handbuild it, depending on the item. Then, the object is left to dry for a few days to see that it does not dry too quickly. This prevents warping and cracks. Once dry, imperfections are taken care of and it goes into the kiln. This first firing is called a bisque firing. It is fired at 1000 degree Celsius (1900 Fahrenheit) for 8 hours and then it has to slowly cool overnight before I can unload the kiln. After the bisque firing and some cleaning of the piece, it is ready to glaze. Once the glaze has dried for a day, it is fired again at 1040 degree Celsius (1920 Fahrenheit). After 19-20 hours of firing and cooling, the piece is almost ready. I do some touch up sanding to the base, clean it off and it is ready for its new home.

As you can see, pottery is not only time intensive, but it requires care at every stage. The smallest variance of this process can bring about a completely different result. The beauty of a handmade piece is that I truly put all of my heart into every stage, making each item that I sell a little piece of my heart. Are there imperfections? Yes. But so much love put into each piece that I hope those imperfections make you love it even more.

4 reviews for miss salty *handmade magic salt shaker*

  1. Gianna Young

    Absolutely wonderful product! I’m very satisfied with it.

  2. Kristine Brown

    Love love love! So adorable!

  3. Tara

    She’s cute and looks absolutely adorable with flowers!

  4. Frances Gilliland

    I love these beautiful little dishes. They are very organically shaped, fit together, and I love seeing the color of the clay and feeling it’s texture as well. So happy!

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