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Hashi Oki | Chopsticks rest set 5 Cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, Chinese bellflowers, lotus, cosmos | Soft” tin | 240415-0050 |


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Chopstick rest, flower arrangement

Fascinating tin flowers

When you open the lid, beautifully and carefully shaped flowers peek out, just like origami. Chopstick rests are important for creating a neat and orderly atmosphere at the dining table. Nosaku’s chopstick rests, each with its own unique motif, will beautifully decorate your dining table as if flowers were sprinkled on the table.

Warmth of handmade chopstick rests

Size Diameter 4.2 x Height 2 (cm)

Weight: Approx. 17g each

Material 100% tin

Country of Origin Japan

Boxed Yes

Dishwasher safe: x

Product Features

A set of five types of chopstick rests made of tin.

Tin is soft and can be bent by hand.

It is also recommended as a wedding gift, a domestic gift, or a present for people overseas.

Care instructions

After use, please wash it with a soft cloth or sponge and kitchen detergent (neutral) like other tableware.

When the luster becomes dull, polish it with commercially available metal polish, toothpaste, baking soda, etc. to restore the luster.


Do not scrub with a hard scrubber. Also, do not use a cleanser to polish as it is soft and easily scratched.

Do not put it on an open flame as it has a low melting point.

Do not use in a microwave oven.

Do not store in a freezer as it may cause tin pests.

Do not put in a dishwasher, dryer or washing machine.

Nohsaku’s chopstick rests, Hanabana, are made of tin. Tin is the second most expensive metal after gold and silver, and is resistant to oxidation and has strong antibacterial properties. It also has no odor characteristic of metal, making it an ideal material for tableware where hygiene is a concern.

Tin is usually mixed with other metals to make it harder and easier to cut, but Nosaku’s tin contains none of these materials. Nosaku’s tin is made from 100% pure tin using traditional casting techniques.

Chopstick rests with a motif of five kinds of flowers: plum, cherry, bellflower, cosmos, and lotus. All of these flowers are associated with Japan. Although the chopstick rests are all silver, each flower is meticulously represented, and even the details such as petals, stamens, and stamen have slightly different shapes and expressions, which is impressive. Chopstick rests HANABANA have a mysterious charm that somehow feels warm, even though they are made of metal.

Tin is a soft material that can be easily bent by hand to adjust the angle at which the chopsticks rest. It is ideal not only for home use, but also for gift-giving occasions such as wedding and housewarming celebrations. The Nosaku chopstick rest “HANABANA” will bring a smile to the face of the recipient.


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