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Hardwood chopsticks

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These handmade Padauk chopsticks are sold as a two pair set for Can$35, although they are also available as a single pair for Can$20. Each pair comes with its own matching rest. Theyb are well balanced and easy to use.

Padauk is a unique hardwood. It is a brilliant crimson when freshly cut but slowly ages to much deeper tones. The chopsticks shown in the photos are partially aged. They are finished with a beeswax and edible oil mixture (I use Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner available at most building supply stores or online) and should be rinsed in warm water after use. They can easily be restored with any non rancid forming edible oil, such as coconut oil, when they become dull looking from use. For a glossy fresh finish wipe briskly with 320 grit sandpaper or finer lubricated with any non rancid turning edible oil, such as coconut oil.

The various bowls and the Maple cutting board are for illustration only. Similar items are available seperately.

Please note that I offer free delivery in Canada via Letter Post but unfortunately without tracking.

4 reviews for Hardwood chopsticks

  1. Emilie Sipos

    These are made of incredibly beautiful wood. I’m so excited to gift them for Christmas!

  2. Megan Ablett

    They arrived so quickly and are exactly what I was hoping they would be! Such beautiful and good quality chopsticks!

  3. sasquatchaloha

    Great quality, super helpful care instructions, and super fast shipping. Seems like a great person doing art with old wood.

  4. Ava

    Beautiful chopsticks that match the description and photos, and a lovely personal note. Love that this shop repurposes wood.

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