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Ceramic Vinegar and Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle, Hand Painted Oil Dispenser for Kitchen, Handmade Decorative Turkish Ceramic Olive Oil Cruet


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• IT IS SO STYLISH: These Turkish ceramic oil dispenser, which will add a beautiful atmosphere to your kitchen, have been carefully prepared for you by Turkish masters. Thanks to this oil cruet, your cooking experience will be better.

• MADE BY HANDS: These olive oil dispenser bottles were painted by Turkish artists who baked them, carefully selected each color and painted them by hand. These bottles are special pieces that reflect Turkish and Anatolian culture.

• LEAK-PROOF: Since our product is made of high quality ceramics, you will not experience any leakage. This way, you will have a product that is both high quality and stylish.

• IT’S A GREAT GIFT: These ceramic oil dispensers can be a gift that makes your special days even more special. You can give it on Mother’s or Father’s Day, on birthdays and especially as a housewarming gift.

• HIGH QUALITY: Since our products have high quality standards, we chose the highest quality materials for our customers when making this oil dispenser. We specially designed our product to be highly durable.


SIZE: Height With Lid: 9 İnch, Without Lid: 8.6 İnch, Base Diameter: 3.34 İnch


CLEANING METHOD: The products are suitable for machine washing.

THE STORY OF OUR OIL DISPENSERS: These oil dispensers are prepared with care by Turkish masters in Iznik. Its preparation involves a long work consisting of 10 stages. After the products are prepared, they are carefully packaged and offered to our valued customers.

YOUR MEALS ARE NOW MORE DELICIOUS: Thanks to this oil dispenser, you will feel the breeze of Turkish culture in your kitchen while preparing your meals. These breezes will add a completely different flavor to your meal. In this way, you will both cook delicious meals and look stylish.

MULTI FUNCTIONAL: You can put any liquid you want in it. Add vinegar, oil, syrup or sauce. You can even use it as a set by making a collection with color variations.

EASY TO USE: All you have to do is fill this oil cruet, close the lid and use it when necessary. Thanks to its special design, there is no splashing around when pouring the liquid.


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